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An enmeshed relationship is one in which the individual members lose or never have had a sense of their own personal Self. They are overly involved and overly dependent on one another. There are few boundaries in an emotional and often even a physical sense. The emotional state of one often spill out onto the others affecting them as well. This can make it difficult for people to know who they are and what they feel as individuals. They think of themselves in the context of the relationship only. Attempts by one to alter their role in the enmeshed relationship, to individuate or grow can lead to great disharmony by the other members. Enmeshment can be seen in families, couples or other “systems”. There are varying degrees of this and cultural norms must be taken in to account.

Please share any experiences you have had in an enmeshed relationship. Especially if you have tried to break free from one and experienced backlash

Shellie Krick, MSW
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