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After registering, please read important disclaimer, guidelines, and then take a moment to introduce yourself to our community.
7 3 New Member Introductions
by Shellie
The Purpose of The Whole Life Path Community Forums
The purpose of The Whole Life Path International Community Forums is to provide FREE online resources, tools, education, & skillfully facilitated peer-support for anyone who is engaged in the task of healing (e.g., self, social systems, planet).
1 1 The Purpose of the Whole Life Path International Community Forums
by RebeccaMA
Frequently Asked Questions
About The Whole Life Path Community Forums; Registering; Logging In; Creating Your Profile; How To Navigate The Forums; Etc.
1 1 Frequently Asked Questions
by RebeccaMA
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     DAILY INSPIRATIONS (Memes, Images, Quotes) -With John D. Munger, PhD
Daily Inspirations -Hosted by John D. Munger, PhD
Memes, Photos, Quotes that inspire.
19 2 Inspiring Quotes
by Shellie
     THE WORK OF MICHAEL ADZEMA: Activist, Author, Pre and Perinatal Psychologist
The Latest Offerings From Michael Adzema
Michael's Radio Clips; Michael on YouTube; Michael's Book Offerings and Excerpts; Contact Michael
4 4 Contact Michael Adzema
by RebeccaMA
Arts Social Activist Projects - Hosted by Amaroq de Quebrazas
Participants are invited to take exciting stories which beneath their surface offer alternatives to some of life’s major issues, such as the global environment; reaching beyond politics to our core humanity; improved child rearing; equality within gender roles, class, race, ethnicities, etc.
1 1 Arts Social Activist Projects
by amaroq
The Whole Life Path: Our Human Blueprint -Hosted by Amaroq de Quebrazas & Rebecca C. Mandeville, MA
The Whole Life Path premise revolves around a global root that as human beings we all have in common: Our early childhood development. From our injured childhood 'sandbox' histories that lead to 'micro' addictions/unhealthy attachments, to the 'macro' addictions that are lethal to our planet (e.g., excessive buying, thirst for power, greed, etc), we explore both connections and solutions from both an individual and collective perspective as related to the health of self, other(s), and world.
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BRIEF QUIZ: Are You (Unconsciously) Chained To Your Past?
Brief quiz - The results may surprise you.
1 1 BRIEF QUIZ: Are You Living As Your True Self?
by RebeccaMA
Rebecca's Blog: My Tales From The Rabbit Hole
Stories about recovering and reclaiming the True-Self nature, and my life as a non-sense Therapist.
2 2 The ChainFree Living Blog: Articles On Transformational Living and Leadership, by Rebecca C. Mandeville, MA
by RebeccaMA
Unchaining Ourselves From Our Family-Of-Origin Role(s) -Hosted by Rebecca C. Mandeville, MA
In this forum we will explore and identify our childhood role(s) in our family-of-origin and consider how we may be re-creating these role(s) in our life today as adults.
1 1 Is The Childhood Role You Played In Your Family-Of-Origin Limiting You Today?
by RebeccaMA
PRIVATE GROUP (for Family-Of-Origin Work)
This is a private, password-protected group. Please email Rebecca at if you would like to join this group to share more sensitive material.
- - Password Protected
     THE HEALING POWER OF MYTHS & STORIES -With Amaroq de Quebrazas
Everybody's An Artist & Storyteller -Hosted by Amaroq de Quebrazas
Stories have been part of our lives since ancient times. Let’s explore Art & Writing as stories that uncover our authentic selves & also heal our planet through: drawing, writing, collage, Barbie dioramas, painting, gaming, graphic novels, adult coloring books, toy animals & action figures, multimedia & piñata making. When we mix the arts & psychology we can make art with a childlike playfulness that let's go of perfectionism. This becomes a solid base & allows us to then learn technique & structure to perfect our writing & art but now as integrated whole beings & not by hiding out in an addiction to perfectionism & living from the neck up.
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PRIVATE GROUP (for Everybody's An Artist & Storyteller)
Private, password-protected group for those with more sensitive issues to share. Contact Amaroq or Admin at for password.
- - Password Protected
The 'Transpersonal' Self -Hosted by Rebecca C. Mandeville, MA
In this forum we will explore the writings of Francis Vaughan, Roberto Assagioli, Carl Jung, Abraham Maslow, and others who theorize that "the transpersonal self is not identified exclusively with the separate self, but has, by virtue of direct experience and disidentification from ego, discovered the universal ground of being that sustains it" (Francis Vaughan). We will also look at ways such disidentification with ego may (or may not) assist us in creating healthy social systems and a healthy planet.
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Spiritual Bypassing: The Unrecognized Shadow of Egoic 'Transcendence' -Hosted by Rebecca C. Mandeville, MA
Spiritual bypassing is a term first coined by psychologist John Welwood in 1984 to describe the use of spiritual practices and beliefs to avoid dealing with our painful feelings, unresolved wounds, and developmental needs. The necessary egoic work constituting true healing and integration is therefore 'bypassed' in favor of spiritual escapism.
4 1 'Spiritual Bypassing' -by Robert Augustus Masters, PhD
by RebeccaMA
Navigating The Dark Night of the Soul: Finding The Gift(s) In Darkness -Hosted by Rebecca C. Mandeville, MA
Anyone may go through a period of sadness or great difficulty that is so unrelenting it qualifies as a dark night of the soul. In this forum, we will explore the 'dark night of the soul' as a life-changing, deeply transformative experience presenting us with a myriad of challenges, opportunities, and gifts. A private, pass-word protected group can be made available for those with more sensitive issues to share. Also, feel free to post poems, book titles/excerpts, songs, film clips, etc, addressing the 'dark night', as viewed through other people's eyes; just be sure to add citations so that the work is properly credited.
5 1 Facing Our Dragons; Embracing Our Pain
by RebeccaMA
Addiction: When The Non-Essential Becomes Essential -Hosted by Rebecca C. Mandeville, MA
In this forum we will explore Addiction as being fueled by a 'Primal (Core) Wound' that results in toxic (and at times life-threatening) self-destructive attachments to substances, behaviors, situations, people, and things.
1 1 Addiction: When The Non-Essential Becomes Essential
by RebeccaMA
Codependence & Enabling -Hosted by Shellie Krick, MSW
This forum is peer-support based: It is dedicated to assisting participants in developing an awareness of specific thought patterns and ways of being in relationship with others that may longer serve you today. NOTE: A Private, Password Protected Group is available for those participants who would like to share more sensitive material off of the public forum venue.
3 2 What is enmeshment?
by Shellie
PRIVATE GROUP (for Codependence & Enabling)
This is a private, password-protected group. Please email Shellie at if you would like to join this group to share more sensitive material.
- - Password Protected
     HEALING OUR BODY, MIND, & SPIRIT -With Saira Aziz Kahn, MA
Heartful Alchemy: Energy Medicine -Hosted by Saira Aziz Kahn, MA 0 0 No posts
PRIVATE GROUP (for Heartful Alchemy)
Please contact Saira and/or our Admins at for password to access this private, password-protected group if you have more sensitive issues to discuss/share.
- - Password Protected

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