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The purpose of The Whole Life Path International Community Forums (co-founded by Amaroq de Quebrazas and Rebecca C. Mandeville, MA in 2016) is to provide free online resources, tools, education, & skillfully facilitated peer-support for anyone who is engaged in the task of healing (e.g., self, social systems, planet). The Whole Life Path Lifestyle promotes a harmonious integration from the micro to the macro because we realize permanent positive global change must come first from within ourselves.

More specifically: Our peer-support based forums, hosted by dedicated and qualified volunteer facilitators, offer a unique 'connect-the-dots' outlook that traces the cause and effect of an individual and collective ' lack of wellness' - from our childhood sandbox histories to our misguided global trade values to the devastation we as a species are causing our planet - while at the same time offering possible solutions for healing ourselves, our social systems, and our planet. We introduce here in these forums reenvisioned approaches to renewed, sustained well-being at both the micro and macro levels, and everything in between. Such renewed ways of being not only promote personal well-being but at the same time support the foundation for permanent positive social change in our global systems by re-creating a healthy planet. The Whole Life Path Lifestyle (a premise established by the co-founder of these forums, Amaroq de Quebrazas) promotes a harmonious integration from the micro to the macro because we realize, accept, and are willing to act on the profound understanding that permanent positive global change must first come from within ourselves

Rebecca C. Mandeville, MA
“What gives light must endure burning.” -Victor Frankl
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